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Getting a barrage of hate for stating a fact, meet the #NAFO loons

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 1 April 2024

On the day Scotland introduces its barking mad new clampdown on free speech, JK Rowling has tweeted a series of images of the type of women born with a penis, including the unhinged India Willoughby stating that they are men. That is a direct challenge to the Scottish Police. Good for JK who is, predictably, being lambasted by a range of loons for stating what, you and I know to be a fact. Meanwhile I also stated and fact and after a barrage of abuse have locked my twitter account. I am not as brave as JK.

The fact I stated is that Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. That is not to say that it will win, although that seems likely to me, just that it is winning. My tweet was a reply to a fellow who tweeted a video of some Russian soldiers being blown up suggesting that Ukraine was going to win the war for certain. I was shocked by the response I got.

Most of those responding to me had Ukrainian flags in their bios or used the #NAFO in their bios.  I had flagged up the simple fact that Russia is gaining ground every day across the front. The responses were numerous and hostile including clear threat to expose me” and worse. Hence, I have locked my account for a while. Sorry to be such a coward but the pile on was un-nerving. The facts support my case. The responses range from denial to outright mad.

There are the play the man not the ball ones.  I am accused of being a Russian. I am not and in fact am not even a supporter of the Russian invasion. I am told I am not a journalist though I have been paid to write articles for 32 years. That I should stick to covid denial. Hmm, I suggested in the scamdemic that hard data showed that neither masks or lockdown worked and guess what? It seems I was right, data like maps does not lie. Back then folks said I should not be allowed to comment on covid as I was not a doctor. Today I cannot comment on the war as I am not a soldier.  You do not need to be a soldier to look at maps.

I was told that Russia has “captured a few small villages so what?”  Bakhmut and Avdiivka are not villages and we know that Ukraine spent billions on building up their defences proudly fdescribing both as a “fortress”. How do you know about the billions spent say the #NAFO chaps: that is a Russian lie! The numbers come from Ukraine itself. I am told that Russia is not advancing Ukraine is just retreating to save lives so Russia is not really winning. Whatever.

Folks send me videos of Russian tanks being blown up and comments about how many Russians have died.  This is whataboutery. I do not deny the horrific casualties on both sides and I am prepared to accept that as Ukraine is defending and Russia attacking, Russia may actually be suffering greater casualties. I loathe war. I do not enjoy seeing pictures of combatants blown up or shot whatever their nationality.

I have noted elsewhere that the losses are vast on both sides but flagged up that Russia’s population today is four and a half times that of Ukraine, it will run out of soldiers long after Ukraine is exhausted. And that is why Avdiivka fell and why, across the front Russia is advancing. Of course, those slating me on twitter have not read what I have written or listened to podcasts like this one yesterday.  They have 140 characters to fire away on twitter defending the line that Russia is not winning. Simultaneously they all demand the West sends in more arms and money to, er, stop Russia winning.

This is denial on a mass scale. At what point do such folks face reality? How many more will be dead at that point? Just how weak will Ukraine’s hand be by that point when, as must happen, peace talks begin. This was the point made by Elon Musk this week. Negotiate now and Ukraine almost certainly keeps Odessa. Fight on and negotiate after more Russian advances and that last major port access to the Black Sea may already be in Russian hands and would a Russia in the ascendant consider handing to back in the talks?

So the ghouls celebrate that I have “retreated” and locked my tweets. They see that their sledging has won. I will unlock in due course or maybe I will just quit twitter one day as it is a sewer. But that will make no difference to the course of the war. Right now Russia is winning. It is a fact.

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