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Demographics in Europe country by country - a timebomb out East

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 13 March 2022

The map below is fascinating. It shows the first year when each country in Europe reached its population in 2021. In the case of Ireland it was 1825. Then came the famine and mass migration took place.  For Northern and Western Europe, with the assistance of mass immigration, the answer is 2021. But look further East and what you see is explosive and might be one explanation of events in Ukraine and Russia. 

Quite simply the East is dying. Strongly resistant to immigration by those with a different culture we see countries with rapidly shrinking populations.  The young folks are, en masse, upping sticks and heading West iand North in search of a better life which is causing the average age back home to increase sharply and the birth rate to fall sharply. Unless folks in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Sofia or Athens start to accept that someone with a brown face is allowed to change their incontinence pad there will be nobody left to do so. Moreover with a bloated state sector in all of the Eastern European and Mediterranean countries the private sector will face a geared and so rapidly shrinking labour pool meaning it cannot compete so creating economic destruction.

This is the demographic timebomb facing all of Eastern Europe and the Balkans and that will be the great issue for those countries in the next 50 years. Those afflicted with severe Russiaphobia wanting to see the country destroyed need only play awaiting game. Sadly for them, the same fate awaits the Baltic States, Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans evenmore rapidly. We may joke about how many Ukranian hookers there are in the West but actually there are and the result is that its depopulation, even before 2022, is off the scale.   

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