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165 days ago

Lies, damned lies, rich lesbians, poor gays and statistics

Lesbians earn 7% more than straight women, gay men less than straight men – some academics don’t understand data, just in this case damned lies and statistics. This is all nonsense.


2165 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast - The Offline #Independent is dead, pampered journalists fired HOORAY

The Offline Indy is dead. Pampered, patronising journalists are going to be fired. Hip Hip Hooray. Fleet Street is starting to pay the price of its corruption, and face up to unhelpful demographics, operational gearing and the end of subsidy as I explain in this podcast. I pray that the frightful Guardian is next to go.


2898 days ago

Has Greece Gone Away?

There has been a curious silence on the woes of Greece for the past few months. You might just have thought that its problems had gone away. Oh no…

The economy is still buggered with youth unemployment at 65%. In the long run it is demographics that will kill Greece as a nation. Quite simply, the mass exodus of young folks in search of work will see the average age (already 44) increase sharply. The retirement age for many is 52 and life expectancy is 81. I am sure you can work out why this will kill off Greece.


3101 days ago

Greece - the Long Term Death Spiral of Ageing

Demographics will be the economic death of Europe but for countries such as Greece – where I am now – the maths are just horrific. You think that poor Hellas has problems now? Wait twenty years.


3115 days ago

Tom’s weekly video postcard #39 – Back to Greece Edition

I filmed this in Monemvasia on Saturday. I seem to have a few thoughts on the plight of Greece every day as I encounter some other example of lunacy. I will try to note them in article and or video format as I go along. But I kick off with my analysis of why Greece really cannot recover. The long term killer will be demographics. The short term killers are debt, the bloated state and the all pervasive corruption. Still you’ve got to love the place.

My weekly financial video postcard discusses the Silverdell (SID) scandal and the farce that is AIM non regulation and can be viewed here.