86 days ago

Does David Cameron think we are that stupid?

I suggest that Call Me Dave does indeed think that we oiks are just plain stupid and bring you, as evidence, a tweet he sent yesterday. It is just such nonsense, such a total canard, but I suspect he thinks if he repeats it often enough, the masses will fall for the lies of the media and political class GroupThink. Yes it is Russia again.


99 days ago

Video: 2024-25 Will Bring Recession, Unrest, Along With Higher Precious Metals Prices

Jeff Christian, a gold and silver expert, discusses in this podcast various topics including silver usage in warfare, the role of gold as a “chameleon trade,” and the economic outlook for gold investment. Jeff Christian estimates that globally, between 10-20 million ounces of silver are used each year for warfare-related purposes such as missiles and electronics.


306 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Do you feel lucky punk (Gary Newman)?

In today’s bearcast I, again, discuss falling UK house prices as we head into a recession. Then it is onto Procook (PROC), Vast Resources (VAST), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Quadrise (QED) and Audioboom (BOOM) wondering if its fanboy Gary still feels lucky ahead of next week?


318 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Powerhouse accelerates its rush to insolvency with dirty related party deal

I start on the 0.5% hike in base rates: who is to blame? What does it mean for house prices, recession, corporate insolvencies and the next General Election? Then I look at Oracle power (OCP), Contango (CGO), Shanta Gold (SHG), More Acquisitions (TMOR) which is treating Doc Holliday very badly, Bidstack (BIDS) – target now zero – and Powerhouse Energy (PHE), ditto. 


323 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I agree with Chris Bailey

I look at the hot sun outside and think of the hot sun we are promised on Saturday as we do the last 34 mile Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk. With gift aid we are now at c£17,500. If you can help us get towards £20,000 with even a £10 donation please do so HERE. In a long podcast I discuss base rates in the UK, inflation, recession , Crispin Odey and his collapsing empire, San Leon (SLE), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), Eurasia (EUA), Cineworld (CINE), Supply@ME Capital (FRAUD), and M & C Saatchi (SAA). I also look at Robert Walters (RWA). and its long term threats as a commodity player.


410 days ago

Video: Central Bank Buying & Looming Recession Both Great for Gold

Academic Steve Hanke Professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University has a stark message which will delight gold loons such as our own Nigel Somerville..


429 days ago

Video: Recession and Higher Rates – The Mega-Risks in 2023

Analyst and investor David Hay recently released a new book “Bubble 3.0” which is a warning about the investment perils we all face but which most folks opt to ignore.


593 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Yes! Carnival could be a zero

I start by rubbing more salt into the wounds of Chris Bailey as I look at just how screwed is Carnival (CCL). Then onto whether we are in a recession or not and how long it will last. In light of my conclusion I urge you to ignore Malcolm’s share tip tomorrow. Finally a thanks to a reader who stopped me poisoning my family last night with my self sufficiency. Tonight’s episode of that part of my life is marrow and ginger jam.


611 days ago

Video: The Fed’s Choice is Simple – Hyperinflation or Recession

Veteran businessman and analyst Simon Hunt is a cheerful chap. Not. His predictions are grim.


685 days ago

Video: This Recession is Already in Motion

Analyst, Lior Gantz, warns that we are already in a recession, and things will get worse.


690 days ago

Video: We are nowhere near a market bottom

Investment analyst, Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors, believes that in order to mitigate inflationary pressures, the Fed will push us into a recession. He explains how rising rates affect the economy, slowing the housing market. In addition, consumers are cutting back on expenses, and many will lose jobs as the economy contracts.


740 days ago

In the coming recession no hope if no moat

I suspect that very few investors and surprisingly few PLC directors have any idea what a recession looks like. For starters most folks in both camps are rich but in a recession, it is the poor or lower middle classes who get whacked hardest. That is especially so when it is an inflationary recession as those lower down the order tend to have the least ability to “play catch up” by forcing through pay rises. And secondly you have to be of a certain age to remember a savage inflationary recession as an adult – the last one was ended with some fairly painful medicine by the blessed Lady Thatcher forty years ago.


1331 days ago

It is 1984 in Covid Oxford, truly the City of lost causes

Although term for Oxford University students does not start for a couple of weeks, daughter Olaf paid a visit yesterday to check out her accommodation for the second year and to meet up with pals who were already up. She reports back on a city which today would give George Orwell an idea for a sequel.


1482 days ago

The chart that demonstrates why the Coronavirus lockdown is such a cataclysmic GroupThink policy blunder

I explained some time ago how the political and media classes have been captured by the biggest case of GroupThink in history. There was a better way as I showed HERE. And now I bring you one chart which should cause even the most zealous advocate of lockdown to change his or her mind. Remember that the effect of the lockdown policy has been to cause the biggest economic slowdown since 1665 which will, in itself, cause untold misery and deaths.


1503 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: have you lost your animal spirit yet?

On the occassion of my father’s 82nd Birthday i ponder how miserrable life must be for him today. I urge you to hold your nose and go online to the Mail on Sunday just to read Peter Hitchens today. His column is golden prose, a joy to read. we agree on the coronavirus and the Government’s appalling response. Luke Johnson is in the same camp and I quote from his Sunday Times column reflecting on where my animal spirit sits as a consumer, an investor and an entrepreneur. Where, I ask,  do you sit dear listeners? I sense, in many cases they have been crushed and thus what lies ahead is a recession of the sort few of us have ever seen before.


1701 days ago

Podcast: Precious Metals offer tremendous value for investors as worlds heads for recession

Analyst Tavi Costa sees the current business cycle as being almost over and is waiting on an overall downturn in equities. Two-year yields reveal that we are near the top of the cycle. In the US, manufacturing reports are trending lower, and non-farm payrolls have had a sizeable downward reversion. 90% of the yield curves in Canada have already inverted, and many other countries are similar.


1714 days ago

Podcast: More upside still to come in gold and silver

Technical analyst JC Parets has been bullish for the last year on precious metals, and a part of his thesis was a call for a weaker dollar. However, the dollar index has been flat while gold and silver have shown a great deal of relative strength. If the dollar weakens, that would likely boost the uptrend in metals while if it strengthens that may weaken gold.


1735 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Time to fecking panic? If you hold shite yes! Time to write to Burford's Nomad, AIM Regulation etc

A bit better, only 1 coughing fit in 25 minutes. Thanks for all your best wishes. In today’s podcast I discuss the threat of recession and what it means for your portfolio, a grilling for ‘Arry of Kefi (KEFI) for you to take part in, all things Burford (BUR) with references to Avanti (AVN) and Quindell (QPP) and why I’m writing to the Nomad and AIM Regulation this weekend and Corero (CNS) which is a true shocker in every respect. We did warn y’all!


1740 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: should Carson Block of Muddy Waters go to jail for his Burford antics

I start with the threat of a UK recession, piffle tweeted by the lunatic David Lammy MP, the link to Brexit (minimal) and the stockmarket implications. Then onto Burford (BUR) where events move apace but the company seems to think bear raider Carson Block of Muddy Waters is in legal hot water. Instinctively I side with Block, however if today’s Mail is correct and he has closed much of his short while still issuing bearish tweets then is he any better than Chris Oil on Sefton or shamed broker SP Angel on Blue Jay (JAY). On that basis….


2070 days ago

I cannot bear to watch the BBC any more, its bias & fake news on Brexit, Trump and Israel is just nauseating

For some reason we found ourselves watching both the 10 O’Clock News and Newsnight last night. In the end I had to switch off and vowed not to allow myself to suffer in this way again.  It started with the warnings from the convicted fraudster Christine Lagarde and the IMF on Brexit.


2847 days ago

Video: Peter Schiff - US GDP is collapsing, this is dramatic & what it means

You know that libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a major hero of mine. In his latest video he shows how real GDP growth is negative, it is collapsing. And that has profound implications for all of us on both sides of the pond. This is cracking stuff from Schiff. Yes we really are in recession already!


2854 days ago

14 new Investment ideas in July's UK Investor magazine - get your free copy now

From Gary Newman, Nigel Somerville, Steve Moore and myself there are 14 new investment ideas in the July UK Investor Magazine which is out now. I discuss the spirit of insurgehncy which caused Brexit and which is powering Donald Trump to the White House and its long term implications as well as the Global Recession which will hit the UK soon and it is nothing to do with Brexit! That and much more is free to read now just click on the link below.