339 days ago

Buy 3 get 1 free said Beechwood Nurseries so I did and didn't

I am ordering a stack of Discovery apple trees to create a colonade along the path by the river. I am not sure how they will do in what is a flood meadow but I shall stake them firmly and see. The stakes I put up by the river with some oak saplings last year have survived even if the oaks have not. And the trees I have ordered are already 5 foot high so I hope they will flourish.  My orders were divided as my normal supplier had only nine trees left and so I had to use Beechwood Nurseries for the rest. Buyer beware: Beechwood are shysters!


479 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo for me as the shysters at Bidstack fess up after my scoop but Parsley Box shares up 150%, WTF?

In today’s podcast I cover Bidstack (BIDS) where after today’s disingeneous ‘fess up folks are delusional. Then I look at Parsley Box (MEAL), Vast Resources (VAST), Canadian Overseas (COPL) and Argo Blockchain (ARB


603 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: V is for Vindication (Kefi, Verditek, Shield and the list today goes on and on)

In today’s podcast I look at Optibiotix (OPTI) where I bought more shares today, Kefi Gold & Copper (Kefi), Guild ESports (GILD) asking if it and David Beckham are breaking up, Nanosynth (NNN), the shysters at Verditek (VDTK) and Shield Therapeutics (STX). It is definately ouzo, or rather elderflower champagne, for supper tonight.


1009 days ago

Eurasia yet again promises a dividend and then does a placing: this is the act of shysters!

Eight days ago, Eurasia Mining (EUA) said that it was in talks with a credible party which had made an offer to buy essentially all of its assets and that if the deal went through it would become a cash shell after paying a “significant” dividend. Guess what? Today there is a $20 million placing. For such. Almost criminal. Spoofery to happen once is – on AIM – understandable, twice looks like carelessness.


1923 days ago

Tomco – the shysters are back on the AIM Casino as Turner Pope agrees to act as broker

I know. I know.  The price of coke and also of hookers is going up. I blame Brexit.  What we need are frictionless borders so we can import more of both from Albania to keep the City boys happy. Pro tem that means brokers need to hold their noses (so to speak) and act for anyone.  Even proven shysters like Tomco (TOM).


2141 days ago

Frontera - weasel words & not via RNS - the hallmarks of an evasive shyster

Last week I suggested that grossly over-ramped AIM Bulletin Board Moron darling Frontera Resources (FRR) might be in a spot of legal bother. I did so only after giving the company's morally bankrupt PR firm Yellow Jersey and its dirty tricks disgraced account manager Tim Thompson a chance to refuse or comment. They have still declined to do so. Instead...


2541 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy - Get Beer & Popcorn ready for March 31 GM Called - I shall be there!

I have already covered the admissions (HERE) and lies (HERE) flagged up in today's notice of a GM published by Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). The great news is that the GM is on March 31 in London, a day when I shall be in the Capital. As the proud owner of 1 share bought earlier this week I shall be there for a bunfight. Just 32p for so much fun - bargain! Get your beer & popcorn ready. Why not come along to join me in giving the board hell over all the lies and other matters? There is free beer on me at Wedge Issue afterwards. But there is a far more serious problem for the shysters.


2642 days ago

African Potash - the writing is on the wall for the last day of AIM on December 7 - ISDX application made

African Potash (AFPO) saw its Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald quit on September 7 and it is still yet to find a replacement who will sign off on its bogus and untruthful press releases. If no-one steps up to the plate by December 7 its shares are suspended and a month later they will be booted off AIM. African says it is confident it will find a replacement Nomad but just in case... the shysters have been busy.


2684 days ago

It is not just Worthington going tits up but the shysters behind it - Allan Biggar in Court

Oh dear. More on the woes of the fraud Worthington (WERN) later as it heads for a winding up order. But it seems that one of the shysters behind this scam, Allan Biggar (see HERE) is also in the merde.


2688 days ago

The shady rampers behind Mkango exposed by Dan Levi - palpable lies behind this worthless crap

Comrade Brokerman Dan has today revealed quite appalling lies told by promoters of the worthless AIM rare Earths disaster in waiting Mkango Resources (MKA). This shows both what amateurs they are and also the dishonesty surrounding the company. Dan and I will be putting Mkango to the sword as it presents in London on 17 November. Register today to join us. Now read on and see why these shysters must be exposed.