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silver birch

294 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - starting work on creating a blackberry and blackthorn hedge

No doubt yesterday’s small fire will get blasted on the village facebook site since it was in direct view of teenage mutant curtain twitcher Abi Lancelotte. For I am hard at work removing a thick wall of bramble that runs either side of a drainage ditch seperatng oiur top field with the main field. Cutting this tangled mess back with a strimmer is is bloody hard work and I fear that it will take me two or three weeks to get it all sorted. 


728 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel and it's only 5 PM

The nights are drawing in and the photos below were taken, at 5 PM, before I headed off to pick up Joshua from his Nursery. Logs must be chopped well before that when my woodshed is not dark. The views are from the house, looking at the gap between the barns which leads to the river and the fields. The trees you can see, ahead of the full moon, are a row of very tall silver birches which, when we arrived, were being strangled by ivy. But I stripped that away in the summer and today they flourish and tower above us all.