1263 days ago

Former slave exploiter, the owner of Ben & Jerrys threatens black lives in USA with moronic & hypocritical virtue signalling #BoycottBenandjerrys

Ben & Jerry’s is now owned by Anglo Dutch conglomerate Unilever PLC but that is not stopping it engaging it A grade arsehole virtue signalling as it says BlackLivesMatter. There is also a nauseating stench of hypocrisy.


3428 days ago

Picture Report from the Greek Hovel Number 13 – The Best Shower I have ever had

I have some great showers in my time. It would be indiscreet to go into details but today’s shower, my first at the Greek hovel was right up there with the best. Not that I was accompanied by anyone it was just great to feel clean again.

It is not a luxury power shower. I merely linked up a hosepipe I bought to one Foti had left and loped it through the trellis for the vine on the snake patio and turned the water on. The water is fresh and clean and felt a lot warmer than that in my early morning sea dip a couple of days ago. It was a joy for my body to meet soap again and to emerge with clean hair. Afterwards I just sat in the sun to dry off.