Personal and undiluted views

452 days ago

I scored four points, or maybe 5, Dominic Frisby got 0 showing what a libertarian and sinful soul he is, how many points do you get?

This is just for fun. Try to answer truthfully. Dom Frisby got zero points begging the questions what was he arrested for and where is his tattoo? I scored four points- no tattoo, and a fear of heights and basic shyness accounting for my tally. Actually, maybe it was 5, I am not sure I was actually arrested when a bent cop dragged me to the cells in Kardamili. How many do you score?


1759 days ago

Feeling Very Old at the Antenatal class

The Mrs is now 32 weeks pregnant and looks the part. She looks magnificent and I am very excited about September. So yesterday we found ourselves at an antenatal clinic with eight other mothers. Being, as you know, a progressive and feminist sort of chap I attended too as did four other "partners". I came away feeling rather old and as if this world was somehow not the one that I feel entirely comfortable with. Why can't it be 1978 all over again?