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26 days ago

Today's victim of #BrexitDerangementSyndrome is Carol Hedges, pray for Carol for she is ill.

She may not have #FBPE on her twitter account but Carol Hedges is a diehard remainer or as they are now known “a rejoiner”. And as she manages to persuade we in the 17.4 million that we voted the wrong way on Brexit by saying how stupid and xenophobic we all are, Carol is fighting back. I thought this was a parody account but it is real and shows someone with severe full blown #BrexitDerangementSyndrome who is laying out a route map as to how we deplorable oiks can be made to change our minds. Pray for, self confessed, troll Carol for she is ill.


90 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: daring to challenge the great PL

I start with non financial matters: a Woodlarks thank-you, the start of Advent and a discussion about how we really must talk about suicide and related issues. This last subject is prompted by the latest troll to harass me. Then I look at Tungsten (TUNG), [email protected] Capital (SYME) and at BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV).


91 days ago

How did your mum die? Said the troll on the phone

Since late last week I have been getting repeated calls from a “Private Number”. Before I could answer the caller usually hung up. Occasionally I heard silence and then he hung up. I say “he” because today he found his voice.


177 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Trolling & harassment of me by SYME Morons hits new depths and can Trump win? I now call it as being down to just 3 states

My new video show is live and if you have a spare three hours it is, if I say so myself, a total belter and can be watched HERE. I then discuss the US election and am ready to call all bar three states: Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. I believe that the maths are that Trump will have to win all three to win. there are three others I am calling but with a low degree of certainty ( Ohio for Trump, Wisconsin and Minnesota for Biden). I discuss what will swing the three uberswing states and where things stand now but also what financial betting markets tell us. Then trolling of me by morons, this time owning [email protected] Capital (SYME) hits a new low. I discuss these sad creatures and how they motivate me to dig even more. 


699 days ago

Chris Ronnie, is my MRS troll THE convicted fraudster or worse...

As you can see below, I am being attacked on twitter by someone purporting to be a shareholder in tecnically insolvent, red flag strewn, Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Is my troll really a convicted AIM fraudster?


864 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel – one step at a time

The carpenter and his assistant were hard at it again today. This time, as you can see below, building steps from the second floor kitchen up to the living area. They asked what I thought. Cala said I, lying.


1827 days ago

The Unnacceptable face of Capitalism that is David Lenigas misleading investors again

On 19 November 2015 shares in Rare Earth Minerals were 0.8p and I warned that they were overvalued and that a placing was 100% inevitable - HERE. David Lenigas took to twitter and explicitly accused me of lying/being a troll/making it all up. Today the shares stand at 0.57p after a placing today at just 0.55p. So who is the liar now?


1875 days ago

David Lenigas - a pompous and deceitful arse: new media, trolls and lies

Fat Aussie share ramper Jabba The Hutt is still new media obsessed and is apparently starting a series on his new blog on twitter, trolls and how the media are all such bad guys while Big Dave is left to carry the sword of truth and wield the shield of justice. His first article is a classic in self delusion and well, er...lies.


1930 days ago

David Lenigas gets new job: Troll hunter – please report me to the rozzers as well

Fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas says that he has a new job. Well I guess after the way he had car crashed so many companies on AIM plus ISDX lobster pot listed Lenigas Cuba that has to be a relief to the wider investment community. Apparently Big Dave (pictured left) is now a full time troll hunter. Well part time. He still has his main job of gushing twitter diarrhoea to keep him happy.


2465 days ago

Financial Twitter Moron of the week – A Quindell Moron

It is not just on the Bulletin Boards that financial morons lurk, twitter abounds with them. As such my Moron of the week comes from the twittosphere and is, needless to say, a shareholder in Quindell (QPP).

A close runner up for the award was @Lon_Don who tweeted to the 201 folks who follow him for a nonstop diet of tweets about one subject only, er Quindell…

 @TomWinnifrith is a Troll. #QPP #Quiindell

Hmmmm. How incisive. A Troll apparently is someone who causes emotional upset by online harassment. I do not follow Mr. Lon_Don and have never contacted him. He on the other hand chooses to follow me on twitter and to read my words. He does not have to but he makes an explicit choice to do so and then complains that what I write upsets him. Whatever…

Mr. Lon_Don is a multi-brained frigging genius when compared to @IanHislam a man who looks like one of those 1930s leaders from the Hitler Youth and whose 35 followers are treated to a nonstop diet of tweets about er... Quindell. He describes himself as “A thinker. A gambler. A long time dead.”  Whatever. He is certainly a gambler. As for the state of his brain, he may well be correct.

His tweet