Sadistic abuser of countless Warwick schoolboys (including me) Geoffrey Eve is dead. Hell is too good a place for the old bastard

123 days ago

…they do anything about it or will they, or indeed Warwick School, wait for another older man to die before anybody … glad that in his final year Eve was aware of how Warwick School was ashamed by what had gone on and what he had …


How a bulletin board moron tweets about historic sex abuse at Warwick School

150 days ago


BREAKING: Charles Watmough, a Warwick School alleged paedophile teacher - victim number 5 comes forward

159 days ago

Warwick School’s public admission & apology to we …


BREAKING Naming alleged paedophile teachers at Warwick School, I start with the music teacher as a 4th victim comes forward

161 days ago

…12 years of campaigning, I finally got to see Warwick School admit, after years of denial, that historic abuse … home. I really cannot bear to think about that. Warwick School has an awful lot of questions to answer. You may … so that I can try and hold both Warwick School and, more importantly, Warwickshire Police to …


BREAKING: After 12 years of asking Warwick School finally publicly admits to historic abuse and says sorry in letter sent to thousands

163 days ago

…is being sent today to all parents of boys at Warwick School and to all OWs for whom Warwick has details. …


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - distracted by Warwick School matters

278 days ago


Trying to confront the paedophile masters at my old school Warwick: No 1 the music teacher

282 days ago

…Scarborough to confront a former music teacher at Warwick School who is a paedophile. Warwick covered up for him, …


Another victim of sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve at Warwick School comes forward to tell his tale

327 days ago

…Geoffrey Eve smashed my head against a wall at Warwick School twice in the late 1970s. Those incidents were so …


The 30 most read articles of 2022 on

332 days ago

…form are the facts…. 40 years too late Warwick School has today apologised to me for the physical abuse … of Geoffrey Eve Since 2011, I have been urging Warwick School to do something about historic physical and, … winner is actor Hugh Laurie as you can see below. Warwick School – more vile testimony of widespread … enquiry continues into historic abuse at Warwick School. Victims like me aren’t allowed to see …


So Headmaster: did you really listen to Alex Renton? Lessons for Warwick School

333 days ago

…piece on historic physical and sexual abuse at Warwick School to the current headmaster yesterday.  He …

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