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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - distracted by Warwick School matters

14 days ago


Trying to confront the paedophile masters at my old school Warwick: No 1 the music teacher

18 days ago

…Scarborough to confront a former music teacher at Warwick School who is a paedophile. Warwick covered up for him, …


Another victim of sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve at Warwick School comes forward to tell his tale

62 days ago

…Geoffrey Eve smashed my head against a wall at Warwick School twice in the late 1970s. Those incidents were so …


The 30 most read articles of 2022 on

68 days ago

…form are the facts…. 40 years too late Warwick School has today apologised to me for the physical abuse … of Geoffrey Eve Since 2011, I have been urging Warwick School to do something about historic physical and, … winner is actor Hugh Laurie as you can see below. Warwick School – more vile testimony of widespread … enquiry continues into historic abuse at Warwick School. Victims like me aren’t allowed to see …


So Headmaster: did you really listen to Alex Renton? Lessons for Warwick School

69 days ago

…piece on historic physical and sexual abuse at Warwick School to the current headmaster yesterday.  He …


Warwick School, protector of abusive teachers please listen to Alex Renton on Radio 4 tonight

70 days ago

…victims coming forward and, at some stage, even Warwick School will have to act and admit the scale of its …


Tom Winnifrith postcard: Jeremy Hunt's lie - there is NO case for not ending charitable status for public schools

119 days ago

…charity. Woodlarks is a Charity. Eton College or Warwick School should not be allowed to claim charitable status. …


Fecking Warwick School – it happened again

200 days ago

…I was climbing out of the old outdoors pool at Warwick school, a place where penguins would have complained …


Waking up with a pain in my ankle – thanks again Warwick bloody school: where do we stand on its historic sexual abuse?

246 days ago

…pushed back into that freezing outdoor pool at Warwick School behind the “new gym” as I tried to …


Warwick School - more vile testimony of widespread historic sexual abuse

276 days ago

…enquiry continues into historic abuse at Warwick School. Victims like me aren’t allowed to see …

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