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Photo Article: Greek Hovel summer 2022 Old Kardamili

131 days ago

…is the one sandy beach, which is out of town by Paddy Leigh Fermor’s old house, which having no toilet or bar …


If you’d like to rent the Greek hovel this year…

203 days ago

…If you fancy splendid isolation in the Paddy Leigh Fermor land of the Mani, it is the place to be. And …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - for Uncle Chris, the global warming is still here

235 days ago

…between the Mani’s most famous resident, Paddy Leigh Fermor, and his friend, Deborah Mitford, the Duchess of …


Photo article from Kardamili - a raging sea

361 days ago

…I took harvester B to visit the house of his hero Paddy Leigh Fermor in Kardamili. We peered over the walls and I told …


Storm alert at the Greek Hovel- will we be cut off by floods?

362 days ago

…test, we had planned to go to Kardamili as B is a Paddy Leigh Fermor nut and I might buy a few stocking fillers. …


Photo article: The Greek Hovel olive harvest 2021 - Day 0

368 days ago

…and I can’t buy a new one till tomorrow. As Paddy Leigh Fermor notes, the one complete bastard of a Greek is a … number on the history of Byzantium as well as one Paddy Leigh Fermor book. The library here grows more eclectic by the …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - a father & children pass through the back streets of Kambos

483 days ago

…Kambos. Perhaps it is the damning words of Paddy Leigh Fermor in “The Mani” dismissing this as an ugly and …


Forest Fire and global warming report from the Greek Hovel

487 days ago

…sandy beach in Kardamili, the one by the house of Paddy Leigh Fermor. As it is without toilets or any beach bar and is …


Photo article from the Greek Hovel: From hell towards heaven

496 days ago

…coast and shortly after the right turn down to Paddy Leigh Fermor’s house we turned left up into the …


Shock horror in Kardamili, will Paddy Leigh Fermor be spinning in his grave?

517 days ago

…on Sea, Kardamili, the small Greek Town where Paddy Leigh Fermor built his home here in Greece. It is not the town …

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