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Israel and Gaza – a fair exchange? what the Biased BBC does NOT say!

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 3 July 2012

On June 30th 2012 the Israeli Defence Forces (aka, according to the biased BBC and liberal Western media, child eating monsters) delivered 6,950 tonnes of aid to Gaza – that is food medicine, building materials, auto parts – everything. This was not a one off gesture to celebrate my daughter’s birthday the day before. 6 days a week the IDF delivers aid to Gaza – on average circa 170,000 tonnes a month. That is a lot for a small place like Gaza. So what does Gaza send back in return?

In the month of June the Hamas militia (the paramilitary outfit whose political wing now controls the Gazan State) sent back 163 rockets to towns and villages in Southern Israel. These rockets are aimed at a particular settlement but are not targeted precisely. So they might land on a soccer field or on a school or on a house. It is all pot luck. When you are in such a settlement you have 48 seconds to react from warning to explosion, to scuttle into a shelter. If you are tardy and unlucky? Boom. Bang. You are dead.

And so that is the exchange: the child eating monsters of the Israeli Defence Forces hand over 170,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid each month to improve the quality of life for Palestinians in Gaza and in return the heroic freedom fighters of Hamas make 163 attempts to murder innocent men women and children simply because they are Israeli.

Oddly enough the Biased BBC does not report this exchange. The Guardian is happy to give an op ed opportunity to the Jew hating Hamas scumbag who runs Gaza and who has a stated AM of driving all Israelis into the sea. But while it gives a platform to folks who want to see a “Final Solution” The Guardian, like the rest of the British Media fails to report this main exchange between the IDF and Hamas – an exchange which really does affect everyones lives on both sides of the border on a daily basis. Funny that.

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