Friday March 22, 2019
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Nicola Sturgeon is living in a total dream world - the poisonous midget is delusional

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- Tom Winnifrith

Once again Nicola Sturgeon is insisting that if the evil right wing Tories take Britain out of the EU then she will do her utmost to get Scotland to leave the Union. Is her contempt for democracy more alarming than her delusional failure to grasp basic economics? It is hard to say.

The poisonous midget is clearly a great fan of referenda as long as the peasantry vote the right way. Sadly for her the Scots voted to stay in the Union and Britain then voted to leave the EU. She likes neither result so, as with all patronising lefties, she wants more taxpayers cash to be spunked on another vote so the oiks can vote "the right way". Repeat and rinse. One day the peasantry might do as folks like Nicola know to be in their best interests.

What is more amazing is that Nicola reckons that outside the UK, Scotland would be embraced as a new member of the EU. True, there are some EU officials so determined to snub and humiliate Britain that they might consider this wheeze for a second. But even they will look at the stark maths of such an idea and baulk.

Across the continent folks are rising up against their leaders who have spent billions on idiotic schemes, and on themselves, leaving the ordinary people of Europe to foot the bill. In Holland, Italy, Germany and France those politicians who have supported such profligacy in the name of a project that serves only the elites, will be swept from power over the next twelve months. As such who is going to want to take on Scotland.

The reality is that Scotland is an economic basket case. The budget deficit to GDP ratio in Scotland is 9.5%. In the UK as a whole it is 3.32%. That, by the way is among the highest in the EU - higher even than that of Greece. With UK debt to GDP now at 88% we as a nation should be pretty worried and that deficit number combined with a commitment from Phil Hammond not to deal with the deficit is one big reason the pound is slumping.

For Britain, a good way to cut the deficit in a meaningful manner would be to get rid of Scotland and so personally I'd be delighted if the poisonous midget leads her folks off into the economic wilderness. But with an average Eurozone debt to GDP ratio of 92% but budget deficit to GDP ratio of just 1.86% why on earth does Ms Sturgeon think for a second that the EU would want to take on board the Greece of the North to add to the Greece of the South.

At least the Southern Greeks have faced real austerity and are starting to get their budget deficit under control. The Greeks of the North are spending cash from the Money Tree like it's going out of fashion. At some stage Nicola and her welfare addicted countrymen are going to realise that nobody else in Europe wants to pay for Scotland's spendathon.

The poisonous midget may hate her fellow Britons but she should thank her lucky stars that we are so stupid that we keep subsidising her folly and that of her countrymen.

If the wee midget wants the hard data showing why the EU wants to ake on Scotland like it wants to hand out warm sick to its schoolkids to drink, there is a handy debt clock HERE


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