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Why Hillary Clinton Reminds me of an ex wife - debate three

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 21 October 2016

A lot has been made of how Donald Trump has a problem with women voters. We shall see. But less has been ,made of how Hillary Clinton has a problem with male voters and as I watched debate three I could not help but reflect on that. Overall it was the dullest of the three debates and as to who won? Well...

The liberal media know it alls have called it for Crooked Hillary. Almost every single poll of real voters has called it for Trump and the Luntz focus group called it narrowly for Trump. I would also say it was a narrow Trump win but no game changer.

My abiding memories were how time and time again the host had to ask Hillary to stop talking and she just carried on anyway. He would pass the floor to Trump who would try to answer and Hillary would carry on talking over him. It is like talking to the ex wife " so we can share travel arrangements at half term?

Her: No if you want access you do 100% of travel as you always have to? Me: But I have a 4 week old baby I am caring for and a job? Her: I don't care, I've taken you for a million quid, I screwed the workman, I engaged in domestic physical abuse during marriage but pompously maintain the moral high ground, and if you don't do all the travel you must hate your offspring. And I will pass on that fact again. Sorry I must rush off to a prayer group. I am a saint don't you know and you can't suffer enough.

You try to get a word in edgeways but she just talks over you again and again and again and she is always pious and right about everything and you are just a bad guy as she tells the next generation at every opportunity.

And that was Hillary in debate three. It did not matter what the host said if Hillary wanted to talk even if it was Trump answering a question she just raised her voice and yacked on from the moral high ground. Trump's lead among divorced men across America will be off the scale.

For a man, Hillary is everything that is worst about your ex wife, or possibly your current one.

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