Me of Little faith - Happy Hammers with my daughter

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 27 October 2016


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Would we try to find somewhere to watch the game? As we wandered back from kicking a football around at the park this was what my daughter and I discussed. Chelsea at home in what used to be the League Cup, I was convinced we would lose 6 nil and admitted as much.

I am sorry but I cannot suffer like that. Daddy "ye of little faith" she said. I think I have been watching West Ham long enough to know what i am talking about, we were bound to lose.

At about 9.20 after Bake Off as she prepared for bed time I asked "so what was the score?" We had manged to block out any thought of the inevitable humiliation looming in East London. We rushed downstairs and switched on a computer. 2 nil to West Ham with 20 minutes left. Nervously we watched the screen as the minutes ticked away.

90+4 and Chelski pulled one back. "Surely even West Ham cannot blow it from here?" we both said. West Ham fans starting chucking chairs at the stockbrokers, lawyers and headhunters (as in City workers not NF Supporters) at the away end. "Shocking" we said to the Mrs and smirked to each other.

And then the whistle went. We win 2-1. "I told you so" i said to my daughter. "Ye of Little faith" she replied. Next up in the cup, Manchester United away. No point in watching that either - we are agreed.

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