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Why do we all despise MPs? Think about the Right Honourable Keith Vaz for a second

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 1 November 2016

Last night MPs voted by 203 votes to 7 to elect the Right Honourable Keith Vaz to the House of Commons Justice select Committee. You will remember that Vaz had to step down from chairmanship of the Home Affairs committee just a few weeks ago after being caught offering to pay for illegal drugs for a rent boy with whom he went on to have unprotected anal sex with. It was Vaz who exploited the sex worked as he insisted that the poor hooker engage in this high risk activity.

Vaz has been involved in scandal after scandal and is an obvious crook. Frankly I do not care what he does in his spare time and, as a libertarian, I'd legalise both drugs and prostitution. But sadly we live in a repressive world where law makers such as Keith Vaz support repressive laws and shout from the rooftops demanding that when one of the little people break one of their daft laws that they face the harshest justice going.

But MPs are different. They can steal from the public purse via expenses fraud and nothing happens. They can break the laws which they are meant to be revising and reviewing and nothing happens. A few years ago Vaz would have served a year or too of purdah before heading back into the front line. But not any more.

What is more appalling is that of the 203 MPs who voted to elect Vaz, 159 were Tories. Amber Rudd, Jacob Rees Mogg and Jeremy Hunt are like Vaz members of the political classes. They don't do proper jobs. That is for the little people. They just clamber the greasy pol and suck on the nipple that flows taxpayers cash. And they look after other members of the political class, irrespective of what coloured rosette they wear every five years.

The political class has never, in living memory, been more despised by the 99%, the poor taxpayers who pay for these parasites, than they are today. The problem is not just the loathsome Keith Vaz it is those who sit around him.

I wonder what Tory voters in seats with MPs such as Rees Mogg and Hunt think of the way their Member's voted yesterday? Do ordinary party members have the nerve to say that enough is enough and boot them out? Of course they do not. The political elite just carries on regardless of how angry we plebs become. They ignore what party members say and they ignore what voters think. They are all just "little people" after all.

Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him most?

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