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Brexit Threatened by Unelected Judges and out of touch MPs - bring out the piano wire

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 November 2016

We were told that we, the people, would decide whether we stayed in the EU just as we had in 1975. The wording on the ballot was clear and we voted to leave in the largest vote ever held in this country. Today the High Court has ruled that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 and so pave the way for Brexit without a vote by MPs.

So unelected judges now pass the baton back to MP's 80% of whom voted to remain and some, such as Ken Clarke and David Lammy, say they will vote against what the people wanted. If that happens one hopes that Theresa May deselects all Tory MPs who dare to show such open contempt for democracy and calls an immediate election. She would win by a landslide.

Indeed, if Mrs may loses this vote in parliament she will have no choice but to call a General Election and one would hope that, with that made clear to the weasels who sit behind her, she would insist that Tory MPs back her with a three line whip with a threat of deselection. That would get most of them, although not folk like Clarke who, thankfully, is not standing again, into line.

Meanwhile there would be a good few Labour MPs representing staunchly Brexit seats who might want to think long and hard about whether defeating such a motion and triggering an immediate Election, where they would effectively be asking voters in their seats to re-run June 23, would be a career ending move. Indeed Comrade Corbyn may well recognise that and so take the populist line of saying "we respect the people's choice." So you would hope that Article 50 will still be triggered.

But who knows what will happen? If the will of the people is frustrated by unelected Judges and MPs who think they just know better than the "little people" who pay their bloated wages and expenses I see no reason at all why I should bother paying my taxes anymore. Piano wire is what both the judges and any MPs who block this deserve. The deplorables of the West spoke on June 23rd. They will speak again on November 8 and we are not going away, just getting angrier by the minute.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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