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Donald Trump has betrayed true conservatives, we deplorables: We want HER locked up

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 23 November 2016

It is bad enough that Donald Trump is considering the treacherous Country Club arse Mitt Romney for a cabinet position, given all he did to betray the GOP at the Election and to get crooked Hillary into the White House. But now Trump has betrayed conservative America and his supporters overseas with his statement that he is not going to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton. This is a sell out pure and simple.

Trump argues that the crooked one needs to heal after the election. Tosh. The Clinton family have earned a fortune from 40 years pf graft and pork barrel politics. The Wikileaks emails showed that she abused her position as Secretary of State in a wholesale "pay to play" scandal. They show her passing confidential Government documents to her hedge fund manager son in law to give him a trading edge. They show Clinton Foundation, charity, cash being used to pay for the $3 million wedding of the brat Chelsea. They show how Hillary and the DNC rigged elections. This is crime. This is the swamp that needs draining and which most Americans demand be drained.

We were told Trump would drain that swamp and many Americans backed the GOP more because they loathed Hillary and everything she stood for than because they liked Trump. But she will get off scot free. If an ordinary American steals a loaf of bread from a store, dodges a bit of tax or even dares to say boo to a millennial goose on a liberal arts campus they get the book thrown at them. But once again it appears to be a different Justice playbook for the political classes, for the liberal elite, the 1%.

The 99% voted in droves for Trump because he said he'd change the system and challenge a complacent, out of touch and corrupt establishment. Hillary Clinton embodied that establishment in every way.

The fact that the liberal media are praising Trumps statesmanship in letting Hillary off the hook shows just how wrong he is and how much he has betrayed his most ardent supporters.

All we need now is for Trump to say that he too believes in global warming and the sell-out will be complete. In four years time the liberals who praise Trump today, for letting crooked Hillary off the hook, will again be attacking Trump and the GOP. But some of those who voted for change and for Trump this time will be asking what change? Why bother?

Lock Her Up.

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