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What's good for liberal fashion designers is surely also good for bigoted bakers

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 30 November 2016

One is not allowed, as an employer, to discriminate against one's staff because of their race, sex, sexuality or indeed their political views. Well actually that is not quite true. Sacking someone for being a Nazi is easy. Firing a commie is rather harder. About once a week my colleague Darren Atwater lets his inner Canadian burst out and spouts some lefty shite which should see him fired but I can't under UK law get rid of the deluded fool.

The treatment of customers is a bit different. I note that in New York a bunch of utterly precious liberal fashion folks are "fighting back against Trump" by considering refusing to allow the lovely Melania to be a client any more. That is not because of anything the poor woman has done herself but because they do not like the fact that her husband is going to be President.

If they want to do that, it is fair enough. A businessperson who wishes to turn away business should be allowed to do so. Anyone doing so is an idiot but no entrepreneur should be forced by the state to accept anyone's cash. However, how do the precious fashion designers feel about bakers or hoteliers who because of their Christian beliefs do not wish to accept the custom of same sex couples?

I imagine that they view such folk as bigots and, for what it is worth, I do too. But what is sauce for the goose.... Surely the luvvie designers must accept that no capitalist has to serve anyone and that should be a universal principle?

Naturally there will be no such acceptance from the liberal elite. It is fine to discriminate against poor Melania who has done nothing wrong but the liberal double standard demands that Christian bakers & hoteliers must accept all comers. Except perhaps the charming and utterly blameless Melania Trump.

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