Thursday April 18, 2019
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Trying to fit 24.5 kg into 23 kg at 3 AM at Athens airport

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- Tom Winnifrith

My rucksack containing 15 kg of olive oil weighs 24.5 kg. The limit to gt it on the plane without paying a surcharge is 23 kg. But luckily I have a whole night at Athens airport to write nasty articles about liars but also to get that weight down. Cunning plan 1..

Remove my West Ham hoodie from my laptop bag ad put it on, on top of my Ulster rugby short and underneath my jacket. This has indeed freed up space and so I have been able to transfer five books and a few socks, wires and plugs plus my Greek mobile to the laptop bag. The downside is that I am sweating like a pig as the Airport is very warm. I am now forced to go for a walk outside with my heavy bags as it is just above freezing out there. One walk an hour, four hours to go.

I have also shifted some coins I found in my rucksack and a few old razors have been binned. I am now down to 23.4kg. Worst comes to the worst I shall put on another sweatshirt and five pairs of underpants while stuffing socks into my pockets.

But I rather hope that British Airways shows a bit of sympathy as I am already suffering enough.


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