Tuesday June 19, 2018
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Darren Atwater hit by global warming again, his bogus religion collapses

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- Tom Winnifrith

My business partner Darren Atwater is a godless liberal believer in the bogus religion that is global warming. While the rest of us celebrated Christmas he went back to Canada for Winterval but found his own faith in the book of Gore sorely shaken. At his father's house in Vancouver in the last days of 2016 the global warming was far heavier than normal and the poor hipster had to dig his way out.

Wind forward to yesterday and I got a panicked text explaining why the ShareProphets newsletter had not been sent. By now Darren was with his in-laws near Toronto who, to their credit are good conservative types and view me as a good influence on their ideologically wayward son-in-law.

The text was worrying and once again it concerned the global warming which was falling so heavily, even for Toronto, that the internet was down. The www in that part of the world operates via giant masts and so thick was the global warming that the signal had been lost.

Heavy snow in winter has come as a real shock to those worshipping the false religion which they are now once again describing not as global warming but as climate change, for rather obvious reasons. Those of us who might follow the gospel of Luke rather than that of Al Gore would be familiar with the idea of Shepherds in cold fields at this time of year and are thus rather less startled when we see the white stuff starting to fall.


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