Monday December 10, 2018
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fake news lefty media Buzzfeed shows its ignorance again - all Germans were not Nazis (especially in 1813)

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- Tom Winnifrith

Buzzfeed likes publishing fake news about Donald Trump and others. It ignores basic journalistic ethics on fact checking but when its pea brained columnists get to twitter they just make things up. Meet Leticia Miranda, Consumer Affairs Reporter who asks on twitter "Is this offensive?"

Of course for Millennial snowflake bimbos who cannot do their homework most things are offensive. The implication here, one assumes, is that Nazi regalia is offensive. Whatever. But the symbol depicted is an Iron Cross on a first world war plane, probably belonging to the Red Baron.

As those who can bother to check basic facts know, the Iron Cross was first awarded in old Prussia in 1813 and was a military award until Prussia became the leading force in a united Germany. It was a WW1 honour and again an honour in WW2. But as even Ms Miranda might be aware, the Nazis did not gain power until 1933, 120 years after the Iron Cross was first awarded in old Prussia.

So is an symbol which is 200 years old pained on an aircraft that predates the Nazis by more than fifteen years offensive? I would suggest that unless you cannot be bothered to do one historic fact check it is not. But then Buzzfeed does not go in for fact checks, just fake news.


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