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Kill a Taliban and get sued in the UK Courts – Madness

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 October 2012

Rashid Rauf was born in Birmingham. He was thus as British as you and I. But he decided to become an Islamofascist, joined Al Qaeda, and was almost certainly part of the team that planned the July 7 attacks in London a few years ago which caused mass slaughter. The good news is that a US drone took him out in Pakistan. He was fighting a war against Britain and the US and lost. That should be the end of the story. But in our crazy world it is not.
His family is now set to sue the British Government for its part on the “murder of one of its own citizens.” The family claims that the British Government “illegally shared intelligence” with the Americans so enabling the drone strike that killed their son. Thus they no doubt want vast amounts of compensation. They describe what happened to their son in a remote part of Pakistan run by the Taliban as “cold blooded murder.

So what the hell was Rauf doing in what was known to be an Al Qaeda safe house in an area run by the Taliban? Studying botany? Or perhaps viewing the left over porn from the collection of dodgy videos amassed by the late Osama Bin Laden? I cannot believe he was the innocent abroad.

At best what will happen is a monumental waste of time and money as the family pursue the case in the British courts no doubt bleating on about human rights. At worst, they win, it is a scandal. I would not have invaded Afghanistan. But Al Qaeda has declared war on the entire West with attacks across Britain, the EU and the US. The West has every right to defend itself, to share intelligence and to take out Al Qeada operatives. This is war. Not a game. If Rauf’s family think that using the legal process to stop the West sharing intelligence, i.e. defending itself is helpful they are woefully misguided and frankly it begs the question “on whose side are they?

I can only hope this case is thrown out and costs are awarded against the family.

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