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Let the Left Explain: Hurricane Sandy who is to blame?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 October 2012

You and I know that hurricanes just happen. No-one is to blame and mankind just carries on. But out there in the twittersphere the left is already working out whom or what is to blame for Hurricane Sandy which is now battering New York. Just to help these simple folk along so that they can cut and paste away for the comments board on the Guardian, BBC, etc here are the top ten candidates for who or what is to blame.

1. George Bush Junior – he caused all that is evil on this planet.

2. Global Warming. I know Sandy is rather cold but it is all to do with Global Warming which was partly caused by George Bush ( see above)

3. The Bankers – they are greedy and had they not stolen so much money Big Government could have used it to stop hurricanes/stop global warming etc.

4. Margaret Thatcher. The fumes from all those babies she personally burned in Liverpool and the mining communities caused Global Warming. See point 2. Besides which she is also evil.

5. The Daily Mail and any newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch for running lies about 1-4, personally killing all those Liverpool fans at Hillsborough, etc.

6. Dick Cheney. Firms he is involved with will inevitably get clean up contracts so he must have started the hurricane personally. Just like he started the Iraq war personally for the same reason.

7. The State of Israel. Surely you do not believe that Mossad is not involved in starting this hurricane somehow?

8. Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn and also everyone at Fox News for organising lies and dissemination in order to cover up the direct involvement of the entire Republican establishment and the State of Israel in starting this hurricane.

9. Ronald Reagan. Yes he is dead but while still President he engaged Ollie North in a vast conspiracy to trade guns with someone in return for organising a hurricane to wipe out loads of Democrat voters on the East Coast a week before polling day in 2012.

10. George Bush Junior again. You just cannot underestimate how evil this man is.

I hope that helps. Now what is important is that Big Government writes an enormous cheque and takes responsibility for everything so that individuals do not have to lift a finger and everything will be rectified as soon as possible. And that just has to be a big Government led by President Obama who really can change everything including the weather.

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