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Diary of a diabetic day 8 - unexpected virtue

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 10 April 2017

The main purpose of this holiday is for the Mrs to meet up with a series of her friends from her time when she worked as a sociologist here in Gothenburg. Not a lot of people know it, but the Mrs is a fluent speaker of Swedish and is thus, as I write, yakking away in a wine bar in town about the evils of capitalism, Trump, patriarchy etc etc etc. Meanwhile, myself and, almost seven month old, Joshua are in a small rented house on a small, very windy and bloody cold, island somewhere out to sea.

Having had a virtuous porridge of raw oats, skimmed milk and a banana and a virtuous lunch of salad and a fishcake I was hoping that Joshua and I might sample the one restaurant on this island. After an afternoon nap we set out to explore and having found the one shop (closed as it was well after 6.30 PM) we eventually found the restaurant. It was also closed and will remain so until Thursday.

We thus wandered back to the small house where Joshua enjoyed milk, a nappy change and after Molly Malone and the Fields of Athenry sung in his father's most dulcet of tones. He now slumbers soundly. As for his father, I really could do with a bit of Trevelyan's corn as the only food going is more raw oats, skimmed milk and another banana. It may be good for the type 2 diabetes but I feel a bit of a sense of deja vu. Guess what is for breakfast tomorrow?
My blood sugar this morning came in at 10.4 which, I know you will say, is more than twice what it should be but on day 1 it was 15.3 so I feel that things are going my way. And having pushed Joshua's pram for what seems like a half marathon I reckon I am doing okay on the exercise front too.

Tomorrow the Mrs has charge of Joshua as she heads into town for more yakking with her lefty pals and, I suspect, more drinking, I am left free to go fishing for sea trout. I do not expect to catch anything at all other than a cold, but it should be more good exercise as I head to the far side of this island. But if I do hook a plump sea trout... it would make a pleasant change from oats and banana.

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