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Backing Emmanuel Macron is a vote against the elites, the establishment: the mainstream press with more fake news

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 27 April 2017

Following the first round of the French Elections the liberal press was quick to spin the line" the results are a a vote against the establishment, against the elites". The spin here was that both Marine Le Pen and Tony Blair clone Emmanuel Macron were outsiders, anti establishment candidates while the traditional parties of Government had been beaten badly. This was spin. It was fake news designed to assist Macron. Marine Le Pen's job before the second round is to demolish that idea and so far she is doing a fairly good job of doing just that.

In its attempts to keep Le Pen out of the second round the press has thrown every bit of dirt it could find against her. Macron has escaped such scrutiny. That will change now that we are in the final stretch. Already stories of his secret fund raising dinners with investment banker millionaires are seeping out. Anti establishment candidate. Mon derriere.

Please do not get me wrong - I could not back Marine Le Pen, even against someone as loathsome as Macron. For starters she is from a party which was founded by a Jew hating holocaust denier (her Dad) and which still contains more than a sprinkling of folks with vile views. She may not be the FN candidate as she is now an independent, but Marine has the FN in her DNA. And secondly, other than leaving the Euro, Marine's economic policies are largely barking mad socialist nonsense. So there are two reasons why Le Pen is not someone to back. But against that Macron, is just a fraud as he pretends to be an outsider and a man of the people. And the media is complicit in this fraud.

Having trashed the economy because, like all Socialists, he eventually ran out of other people's money, President Hollande groomed Macron as his heir. The Socialist brand was toxic so Macron set up his own party. But he was Holland's finance minister so must share some of the blame for the mess that France is in. And he is thus not a an independent and a political virgin but a well established part of the political elite. He is Hollande's chosen heir.

Then look at who is backing him. The entire liberal press, all the mainstream politicians across Europe, the banksters, big business. This former investment banker is no "man of the people". He is part of the elite and part of the political class. All this talk of " a breath of fresh air, the winds of change" is so much Obama/Blair spin. You thought you'd seen the end of President hopey change well now meet his French clone.

If the froggies want to give a corrupt establishment that has trashed the French economy and has no answers to its problems a good kicking the only option is a vote for Marine Le Pen. However tempting that might sound I hope, for the reasons above, that the froggies resist the temptation. But I sense that a good number will not and that Le Pen will lose but may well score a credible 40% plus.

In campaigning, so far in the second round, she has not put a foot wrong. Macron, on the other hand, has looked smug and out of touch. Those who were predicting that the phoney so called outsider would get well over 65% will, I think, be disappointed. The only Macron thing that will remain well over over 65, is his better half, his old school teacher Mrs Robinson.


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