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£100 billion demands the EU: More Votes for Mrs May, Screw You Mr Juncker

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 4 May 2017

Those running the EU are doing their best to meddle in the UK Election. By smearing Mrs May with silly leaks and by making outrageous demands ahead of Brexit talks they seem to think this will boost the remoaning parties. Au contraire. Mrs May gains more seats with every outrage. The claim that the UK must hand over £100 billion before Brexit proper talks can start is just obscene and there is a handy six point response.

The idea that the UK should pay £100 billion to a body that has failed to get its accounts signed off in 21 years so has no idea where the money it extracts from member states is spent, wasted or stolen is a joke. This is not for past liabilities but for future expenditure which will not benefit Britain at all. Whether the EU wants £60 billion, £100 billion or whatever next week's claim is is irrelevant Mrs May should just tell the Evil Empire to bugger off. That is point 1. "Dear Mr Juncker, Re the £100 billion - screw you"

Point 2? Mrs May should state clearly that all EU citizens living in Britain as of that day can stay. We hope that the EU reciprocates. If it does not it will be seen for the heartless monster it is. And member states will rebel. Do the Spanish really want the only folks in Spain with cash to be booted out forcing fire sales of property into an already bombed out market? Of course not. It just won't happen. Mrs May can call the EU's bluff on that one.

As for trade the UK should make it clear as point three that we will go to WTO rules. That means relatively small tariffs as opposed to free trade. But we offer the EU free trade if it wants it. If the EU rejects this then the big loser is ...the EU since it exports more to the UK than it imports. I would imagine that French wine producers, for example, will suffer a double whammy. Not only will their wine cost more in the UK so sales will fall but there will be a patriotic backlash as Brits switch to wines from outside the EU. The big losers will be the EU.

Point 4. Free of EU regulations on tax levels Mrs May should then cut UK Corporation tax to 10% - lower than anywhere in the Evil Empire. That will more than offset any tariff pain for our exporters and it will make any firms wishing to invest in Europe far more ikely to come to the UK. Being "offshore" should be to our gain
And while we are about it ( point 5), on day one UK territorial waters are for UK fishing boats only. British fish will - as used to be the case - be caught by British fisherman and processed here. More British jobs: what's not to like.

There is nothing the EU could do to stop this and its people rather than our own will be those that suffer and perhaps at that point they will realise that those running a political project have been running it for a political elite not for the people. They too may rebel.

Just to make this clear point six is that we should bring forward Brexit. There is no point negotiating with folks like Juncker so why waste two years ( and two more years of the UK paying far more than its fair share of the EU's budget). Let's just walk now.

As for the UK election with every ridiculous demand made by the EU the voters will ask themselves again who do they want to negotiate Brexit. Each time the EU behaves with aggression that question becomes more important. Is it Mrs May or Comrade Corbyn and a coalition of chaos? We all know the answer to that one and thus the EU meddling in the UK election just adds to the certainty of a Tory landslide.

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