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Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - look snakes so many new ways to get in!

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 12 June 2017

The Greek Albanian building crew are making cracking progress at the Hovel. There are now so many ways to get into the room in which I used to sleep that even the stupidest snake in Christendom can find its way in.

The first photo shows the main door which, pro tem, remains. But if you look right you will see that there is now a hole from the main room linking it to the snake veranda. The plan is that the rat room underneath the snake veranda will be extended by a couple of yards. Then this doorway from the only habitable room will then be a link from what becomes my kitchen to the start of the living area. The plans see us building a whole new wing adjacent to the kitchen/snake veranda which on the second floor just forms a vast living area and on the first the master bedroom.
But that is all for the future. Right now we have another doorway for the snakes.
The next photos are of the front of the house as you approach. The small window at the bottom is the only natural light for the bat room and will be enlarged. The upper two windows are now snake entrances into the only habitable room. And if you look through the snake doors you can see more on the other side.
It is hard to imagine what the hovel will look like when finished. But to try and help you visualise it, one other thing to remember is that the flat concrete roof will be removed and replaced by a pitched wooden roof supported by wooden beams and covered in old style tiles which should, I hope, make the much enlarged upper floor feel truly spacious.

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