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Diary of a diabetic - all over the shop with the blood sugars as Diane Abbot lets down her fellow sufferers

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 15 June 2017

I really do not understand this type 2 diabetes. There was I celebrating several days within a normal range of 5-7 and I woke up in the sevens. That was bad enough to prompt me into leading a very blameless day with a normal breakfast of a bit of bacon and eggs and a very modest lunch of fried zucchini. I then worked up a great sweat with hard manual labour chopping frigana at the Greek Hovel. And thus by eight PM, pre-swim my blood sugar reading had plunged to ...WTF?

It was 8.6! So I swum hard and had a glass of milk and thought I'd just lie down for ten minutes before going to a light supper. A call from the Mrs woke me up. It was 11.30 and I felt feint and groggy. My blood sugar had plunged to 6.2. At that rate it would be heading back through 5 and on the way to diabetic coma territory by the morning. I really just do not get it at all.

With the restaurants here on the very edge of town now shutting for the night I scrounged a piece of cake off the hotel and enjoyed that with my meds and another glass of milk. I do not have rhe raging thirst one suffers when the diabetes is out of control but I've sweated a lot of liquids today and I do just like milk. Anyhow I now feel really full of beans and absolutely fine. But this diabetes is a jolly confusing enemy.

I see that Diane Abbott has fessed up to being a type 2 diabetic and is using that as an excuse for her shambolic performance during the election. That a lard-bucket like Ms Abbott has developed this condition is no shock. However, I feel she does her fellow sufferers a grave dis-service in saying that the stress of six or seven interviews a day caused her condition to rage out of control so leaving her unable to answer basic questions. That is just a lie.

Her car crash interview with Sky HERE was her only interview of that day She crashed because she is thick and had not read her brief. Like many other diabetics I struggle through big stress times - the run up to Uk Investor Show - coping with this disease. I might end up pissing seven times during the night but I do not let down colleagues by failing to answer basic questions.

That my diabetes was raging out of control at the time of UK Investor was not down to stress, though it cannot have helped, but to persistent abuse of my body: not taking enough exercise, eating too much and eating the wrong things and drink. Ms Abbott needs to be honest with herself and with us in admitting the same.

Diane Abbott should take time off from politics to get her diabetes in check. And then carry on taking time off because she is just not fit for purpose as an MP. Having accused her critics of racism she is now using diabetes as a defence. It is pathetic.

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