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Photo Article - Joshua's Christening was today

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 26 June 2017

There will be a couple more photos later in the week but for now just one from what has been a great day. I have been hard at work all weekend cooking for folks last night, baking a birthday cake (more on that later in the week) and preparing for what was a lovely and special day for myself, the Mrs and Joshua - his Christening. Hence there has been little in the way of writing.

The vicar was well behaved, managing to avoid mentioning how the poor Palestinians are oppressed by the wicked Israelis for a whole service. There was even a prayer for we long suffering and oppressed business people, For a brief second I thought we were no longer pariahs in this land.

Afterwards folks wandered down to the local Victorian cemetery for a buffet lunch and a few drinks a speech by the Mrs and a few humourous words from myself. Pictured below is Joshua with his four godparents and the Mrs. From Left to Right, my old friend the bear raider Lucian Miers, Little step sister Flea, the Mrs, her cousin Johnny (a junior doctor!) and her friend Jo, another one on the state payroll.

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