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I am so 100% excluded from the Inclusive lavatory at the Guardian's fave cinema

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 31 July 2017

It was off to the cinema today with Joshua for a mother and baby screening at the Watershed cinema in Bristol. This is the uber PC movie theatre which is oft praised by the Guardian and likes to show the sort of utterly shite films that the Guardian loves but which would make any right minded person either puke or fall asleep or both. Remember The Lobster - the worst film of 2015? Watershed audiences loved it.

The Mrs came too and, to be fair, today's offering, The Big Sick was jolly entertaining. It is the story of a mixed race couple in the USA. A fearsome Asian mother-in-law who is keen on arranged marriages and strongly disapproves of her offspring's choice of partner. Hmmmmm, now why does that ring a bell? I really do recommend the Big Sick.

As i wandered back from the screen I spotted a new feature " The inclusive lavatory". We already have men's women's and lavs where you can change a baby nappy. But now we are offered an Inclusive Lavatory. All you have to do to use it is be either disabled or trans-sexual. I am sure both the disabled and the trans community are delighted to be able to exclude the rest of us from their inclusive lavatory but do they feel happy been included in the same tent?

The joys of life in 2017 Britain are never ending.

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