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Daily Mail comments really are a hoot, where does this rag find such bonkers readers

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 6 August 2017

The story is not really that shocking. After smoking about 180 fags a day for sixty years Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood got lung cancer but had the lump cut out and is now okay. Move on. But it is worth reading any story in the quite dreadful Mail on Sunday and its sister title The Daily Mail for the comments that follow. This is a classic.

There are the medically ignorant fascists:

harrycoal, Tracy Island, United States Minor Outlying Islands, less than a minute ago

Lung cancer is spread by smokers. Trace it back and these evil animals are always to blame. Hang every one of them. Do it.

Hmmm, yes hanging smokers, that will indeed cut death rates from lung cancer. Why had no-one else thought of that. But hey presto someone has! ISIS.

Morilyn Manroe, Albuquerque, United States, about an hour ago

Mu'sIim countries have the lowest rate of cancer, because of Sha'riah Law, drinking & smoking are not allowed hence the low rates of lung and liver cancer. Any Brits still want to stubbornly reject Sha'riah?

Right, lets all have Sharia law to get the nation's health back on track. Problems solved.

Thank you once again to the Daily Mail and its readers for providing obvious solutions to all those problems the rest of us just can't seem to work out how to fix.

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