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Emmanuel Macron spends 26,000 Euro of taxpayer cash in three months on make-up - let the sans culottes use cake

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 26 August 2017

It has emerged that in the three months since being elected French President, Emmanuel Macron has spent 26,000 Euro of taxpayers 'cash on his make-up. As it was revealed that over-taxed Froggie citizens had coughed up two bills to a personal makeup artist called Natacha M; one for €10,000 and another for €16,000 Macron's aides said that her services hads been needed as “a matter of urgency”. Hmmm. Really? What emergency does the odious little Queen imagine that might be?

Whatever you say about the woman he beat to become President, fascist Marine Le Pen, it is hard to see how she would have been so profligate. Throughput the campaign we were told by the liberal media that Macron was "an outsider" who would change the venal and corrupt way France has been governed for so many years. That was an obvious lie. Macron had served under the outgoing President Hollande and had been groomed by him as his successor. He was and is part of the political establishment and liberal metropolitan elite to the core. Like another patronising elitist from the Paris area, Marie Antionette, he does not have a clue what ordinary folk think or want and he does not care to find out . He knows better. Folk like him always do.

That Macron had to start his own party to portray himself as an outsider is a reflection of how despised and loathed Hollande and the political establishment had become. More than a third of Froggies failed to buy this spin and, oft with noses held, voted for Le Pen. In vast numbers millions of Frogs just did not vote at all three months ago. Since May Macron's poll numbers have plunged faster than those of any President in French history as he has been exposed time and time again as another establishment insider who views the values and beliefs of ordinary French folk with contempt. He may have hidden that in May but now it is clear for all to see.

The people of France see a another terror attack and ask about border control. Macron says we want more immigration, live the European dream of open borders, wake up and smell the joys of multiculturalism. The people of France see a bureaucratic EU that is not working for them. Macron says we need deeper European integration, more EU medicine. And so it goes on.

The People of France were conned in May by the French Tony Blair. However he paints his face, however much rouge, eye-liner and lipstick he puts on the French will still, increasingly, see a pig. They will not be conned again by the charlatan Macron.

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