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An inconvenient truth for the global warming nutters - the world is er, not warming

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 28 September 2017

Today;s Guardian celebrates news that global carbon emissions stood still in 2016 which, it says, "is a welcome sign of progress in the battle against global warming." There is in fact rater better news, an admission from leading scientists writing in Nature Geoscience that between 1998 and 2013 the world had only got warmer by a smidgeon. Many of us have been pointing this out for years but now, even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits, there has been a "pause."

So despite carbon emissions going up year on year the world did not get much warmer. In fact the rate of increase was far less than between, say 1919 to 1934 a year when, incidentally, the world was a lot hotter than it was any year this decade.

My critique of the global warming nutters has always been that the data of global climate patterns bore no correlation to man made carbon emissions going back thousands of years. I may not be a scientist on a fat grant from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change but I do understand data and and that allows a fact based observation that there is no correlation between global temperatures and carbon emissions man made or otherwise.

Those in the liberal media who have sought to no platform we dissenters labelling us flat earthers or comparing us to holocaust deniers also claim that their arguments are fact based. They are not. The climate alarmists base their case not on what has happened but on what will happen, predictions. Now it is a fact that scientists have produced detailed computer models to support those predictions but what we can now also say is that it is a fact that the models have been wrong to date. They predicted warming that has just not happened.

Rather pathetically, the IPCC and others now say that just because the models have been wrong for the first 20 years that does not invalidate their long term predictions. In any proper field of science such an assertion would be ridiculed but folks like the Guardian and the BBC and, of course, St Bono believe in this bogus religion and so do not raise an eyebrow.

The great global warming scam has made men like Al Gore incredibly rich. Via green taxes and expensive regulatory measures vast wealth has been transferred from the many to the few. At what point do you think this farce will end?

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