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Ah Diddums Pampered Nick Robinson at the BBC thinks people are being beastly

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 28 September 2017

Grossly overpaid Nick Robinson of the State Funded fake news broadcaster has taken to the BBC's sister paper, the Guardian, to bleat on about "guerrilla attacks" on the Beeb from nasty internet sites. Ah diddums. Poor baby.

Nick argues that these attacks corrode trust in the State broadcaster and picks one example from the left wing Canary website, which almost prides itself on not checking facts as that is what old style journalists do, to make his case. He seems to miss the point that as this story from the Canary was debunked as have been so many of its other made up pieces, no-one in their right mind takes it seriously.

But at least we plebs are not forced by threat of jail to pay a poll tax to support the Canary. As such, we plebs have no right to quiz its staff on how much they are paid and it does not really matter if it puts out fake news or shows utter editorial bias. But the BBC is state funded. The salaries of its staff, like Nick, are obscene and are not driven by market forces - as the BBC claims - when such a vast state subsidised operator dominates the market.

Moreover, the BBC is time and time again shown to be running with an implicit bias or simply to be broadcasting fake news. Since we taxpayers fund this shite we have every right to critique it whether we do so in the pub or by posting examples of the BBC's failings on websites as I do about three times a week HERE.

And if this upsets the overpaid and cossetted stars of the BBC I make no apology. Folks such as precious Nick should remember that they work for me (the taxpayer) not the other way round.

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