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The German who quit the dirty Taliban – The Decadence of the West

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 3 November 2012

You may have read today about the unhappy tale of the German convert to radical Islam who has now quit the Taliban. The kraut is now on trial in Germany and is identified as Thomas U. The tale is a morality tale but about the horrid Taliban but about the decadence of the liberal West.

Thomas U managed to raise £4000 through fraud. He took this and his newly converted wife off to Afghanistan to join the Tailban and free the area of “infidel occupiers.” On arrival the Tailban stole his cash. He then saw the mangled bodies of three bodies of three dead Germans who had been killed in action as “freedom fighters”. He said this made him sick. Thereafter he found that the Taliban had a macho culture involving killing, taking drugs and forcing women into marriage. He also said that their life did not involve basic standards of hygene. Shocked, infected with hepatitis, he and his Frau fled to Turkey and then back to Germany where he is on trial. He has now turned his back on radical Islam and says that he lets his wife ““dress anyway she wants”. That is jolly decent of him.

Diddums. Thomas is shocked that people get killed in wars. What on earth did the man expect? He now thinks the Islamofascists do not understand women’s rights. No shit Sherlock. You do not get a daily shower in a conflict zone and supplies of shampoo are limited? Well there is a surprise. You do have to wonder about the State of the West that we can throw up such utter imbeciles with such a naive and simplistic world view. As far as I can see he betrayed the Taliban and renounced his EU citizenship when he started to fight against Allied forces (not that they should be there in the first place). Why not send Thomas back to Afghanistan and see how a Taliban military court deals with deserters. The West really is better off without such people.

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