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Oxford Students ban Christian Union from freshers fair - the acid test is would they treat Muslims this way?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 15 October 2017

To be fair this is not the University wide Freshers Fair but just that of Balliol College which for many decades has been noted for attracting the nastiest sort of poisonous, liberal minded, guilt ridden sons and daughters of privilege . And so the class of 2017 has ewxcelled itself by banning the Christian Union from its Freshers Fair on the grounds that Christianity is associated with homophobia and other undesirable traits.

One suspects that those making the decision have not had much contact with the Church oif England recently for it bends over backwards to accommodate the LGBT community even if that offends many of those who thought that going to church was about worshipoing God rather than engaging in social engineering.

I concede that the CU at Oxford is often pretty stern and evangelical. The flocks who troop down to St Aldates every Sunday probably do not have a great deal of time for the LGBTI community but even the spookiest of CU types from the City of my Birth would not actively preach against and seek to stigmatise the homos.

The acid test for those who seek to b ash the Christians is to ask them would they have done the same to the Islamic society. After all there is some fairly compelling evidence that some Islamists are not exactly gay friendly either indeed a poll in 2016 showed that 52% of British Muslims want to ban homosexuality. We evil Christians are far more tolerant. So if the spotlight were not upon the privileged trustafarians at Balliol would they even consider whether the Islamic Society should be offered access to its freshers fair. I think we all know the answer to that one.

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