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How to Get Fired so that you can get Benefits – Blood Boiling Moment

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 5 November 2012

Just a brief insight into the mindset of those who will ultimately destroy the West: the publication of a new book “How to Get Fired So You Can Collect Benefits.” This book is published by Revolutionary Books the firm that brought you such winners as A Pig Named Wall Street, and Confessions of an alcoholic who put down the bottle for revolution – a book that apparently contains the confessions of a citizen who overcame their alcoholism for the sake of the community, the people, the Revolution. If you are looking for further reading…

How about, The Anti Upper Class Fact Book. Apparently this book features 500 facts about the upper class. These facts will show the moral and psychological corruption of the wealthy.

One suspects that not included in those facts for deluded lefties are: “Rich people pay nearly all of the income tax collected in your country which goes to fund the welfare state and the feckless, lazy scumbag existence of the smelly Occupy types who read this crap.” I doubt that it also contains the fact “Capitalism is the best system going for raising the absolute wealth of the poorest in society.”

The premise of the latest book is that it contains 500 ways to get fired (so getting a payoff from wicked capitalists) so you can live on benefits funded by taxes paid by a) those wicked capitalists and those who choose not to get fired.

Education should of course start young so Revolutionary Books also offers up “The Banker who stole my home” This, apparently is a children’s book that looks at foreclosures through the eyes of a child. Who on earth would buy such a book for their kid’s Christmas stocking? It probably sells well at The Guardian online bookstore.

I give up. Some folks are just so stupid.

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