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Donald Trump to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - BBC Responds with fake news

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 6 December 2017

For more than two decades Congress has pushed for the US to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is, after all, the capital. It is where the Knesset sits and is the logical place to be situated. Except of course that the Arab world would rather than the embassy was in Tel Aviv or better still scrapped altogether and the Jews pushed into the sea.

The BBC clearly sides with the Arabs and opposes anything Trump proposes which today will be to do what Congress urges and what he promised to do in the election. Gosh, a politician fulfilling a pledge, how awful.

The BBC insists that this will annoy the Arabs and cause protests on the Streets so challenging peace. Those streets of course were the same ones where many Palestinians celebrated 9/11. Twenty years of pandering to such hate has not exactly changed any minds has it? Why not show some support for the only democracy in the region and the only country allowing free speech, full rights for women and LGBTs? And of course are only steadfast ally in the Middle East?

On BBC Radio 4 Jon Sopel explained why not. Trump "was urged by everyone not to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and he did it anyway" and this will be the same. But Jon that is fake news is it not?

Paris commits the West to cut carbon emissions while allowing the big emitters (notably India and China) to belch out more than ever. It is economic suicide for the West which will not tackle carbon emissions. The link between them and climate change is not proven so America was asked to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs for a bogus religion. Many in the US supported Trump all the way.

So the statement "everyone" opposed his move on Paris was a lie. Unless Jon defines "everyone" as just being the liberal elites and the beltway cliques which, in his patronising way, he quite possibly does.

And as with the Jerusalem news, not everyone opposes the move. Congress backs it. Most Americans back it. So what Sopel says is just fake news. Of course Trump has exposed Sopel for this before as you can see HERE. But why should British taxpayers continue to fund such manifest dishonesty?

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