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In a rare moment of honesty Tim Farron MP admits he is a liar

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 10 January 2018

You have probably forgotten who Tim Farron is but as a reminder he is that annoying little twit who kept on reminding us all how working class (pronounced to rhyme with gas not, as would be more appropriate, arse) he was while leading the Lib Dems to their second worst result in eons. He is still an MP. Do you remember now?

As leader he got into a spot of bother with the homosexuals. Not in a Jeremy Thorpe kind of way way. Farron did not want to kill any homosexuals - who had been his boyfriend - he just thinks that their souls will burn in hell. That is to say he is a devout Christian.

On the stump little Farron squirmed and squirmed on where he stood on this matter finally declaring that he did not think that homosexuality was a sin. Except that he did believe that all along and has now admitted that he lied to secure, fairly unsuccessfully as it turned out, electoral advantage.

I rather admired Farron for having some principles and standing by his faith for a short while, even though I profoundly disagreed with his intolerant views on LGBT matters. Then he showed he had no principles by abandoning his faith. Now we discover he did not abandon his faith and his principles after all he just lied about it.

I cast no judgement on Farron but suspect that St Peter may have a few questions for him on this matter on the great day of judgement. And before anyone says it, I am aware that he will have many for me too.

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