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The Guardian shows its hatred of those who invest taxed income - we the hard working are parasites

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 19 April 2018

I sometimes read the Guardian just to bring you delights on how the liberal left really think without you having to suffer the pain of reading this humourless left wing bilge. Readers I do a lot for you. Below is an effort from Rhik Samadder "Landlords are social parasites. They’re the last people we should be honouring". I reprint his words of poison, malice and fake fact devoid news with my comments in bold.

The ‘landlord of the year’ is being announced but most buy-to-let opportunists make their tenants’ lives hell – giving them a prize is like giving Stalin a humanitarian award

Really Rhik would you care to share the data which allows you to make this sweeping statement. I mean real hard data?

The landlord of the year award is announced on Monday, bestowed by the home insurance provider Home Protect. “Landlords often get a bad rap,” the CEO explains on its website, and I’ll stop him there. They don’t get a bad enough rap.

Again Prhik do you have any data?

When they do make the news, you already know the story. Tory landlords dragging their absentee, ancient arses into parliament solely to vote down a bill that says rented properties should be “fit for human habitation”.

So you have no data just the Guardian cuttings file as a basis for your assertion. Tory MPs only go to Parliament to vote on this bill. Really: your data to back up this claim? Oh.. you mean you read an article in the Guardian that Tory MPs never actually vote in Parliament as they are too busy hunting down poor people to death now that fox hunting has been banned.

“Lockdown” landlords bleeding councils dry, installing vulnerable people in micro-units, with inadequate fire provisions, so they can soak up treble the housing benefit.

Still no data then?

Who can forget the competition in the Daily Mail that offered up a buy-to-let property as top prize? This, from a paper that crucifies scroungers. Scroungers being people who live off others, and shirk their responsibilities. But back to landlords, eh?

Well you have got scroungers nailed to a T. I give you that. Well done Prhik.

Landlord of the year. Lol! Rofbhawuild! (Rolling on the floor, banging my head against the wall until I lose my deposit.) Who is it going to be? One who lets you have a pet? Some of my friends are landlords, and I’m sorry to say it, but they are going straight to hell too. Imagine how satisfyingly overcrowded the underworld must be with landlords; partitioning the seventh circle into seven more circles, charging each other extra for underfloor heating. The best thing you can say about them is that they are better than letting agents. But that’s like giving Stalin a humanitarian award for massacring fewer people than Genghis Khan. The fact is, they’re all rogue.

The fact is they are all rogue. Er data? How do you define a fact Phrik? The definition the rest of us use is "something that has happened"  You appear to confuse your opinion based on no data at all with a fact

Whether your landlord is a genial profiteer or an actual psychopath is the luck of the draw. Anyone can be one, if they have made enough money or inherited property, and those are two of the worst qualifications imaginable. Like anyone who thrives off the housing crisis, they are social parasites.

Aha.. folks who inherit money as a forebear worked hard or who have made money themselves are evil. Thanks for clarifying your world view Prhik. Perhaps you can clarify, if I make money and pay tax on it what would you rather I do with it: bury it in the ground, buy shares or perhaps buy a run down flat, do it up and rent it out. The latter two involve me risking my capital ( taxed income for which I worked). Do you regard that as inherently wrong?

I rather think that Prhik does think that risking your hard earned capital is wrong. So do many Guardian readers. Perhaps they might want to spend a few weeks in Venezuela where the Government thought as they did and look how that turned out...

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