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Back to the ruins of Douma - this shocking video of a boy "gas victim" is why Mrs May is so desperate and so wrong to try to ban Russia Today

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 20 April 2018

Our leaders, Mrs May, the fag Macron and Donald Trump said they had PROOF that President Assad bombed Douma with gas. On that basis they bombed not jihadists but Assad controlled areas of Syria. The only "proof" we have seen are videos shot by the White Helmets, folks who work only with jihadist Al Qaeda and ISIS forces. But on the other hand we have shown on the ground reports from British journalist Robert Fisk HERE and a US camera crew HERE which give hard evidence that there was no gas attack. Now comes the most shocking evidence yet and it comes from Russia Today as you can see below.

Your Government, via Ofcom, is now reviewing the license of Russia Today to broadcast. Numerous Tory politicians have called for it to lose its license. The pathetic and wretched Mrs May is even today blathering on about Russian misinformation and bots.

Now I am not saying RT is perfect. Clearly it is biased. You would even ask questions about this video but it is,to say the least, interesting is it not? And it does tie in with what Fisk and the, very few, other Western journalists on the ground are saying.

But on the other hand, the mainstream press and especially the BBC have stuck rigidly to a bellicose Government line on what happened in Douma. Only yesterday a presenter tried to shut down a retired military man who questioned the Government line by suggesting one should not allow Russian disinformation.

I believe that there is now real evidence that our Government may have lied to us, not deliberately in saying that Assad carried out the attack but in saying that it had proof, when it did not. It lied and hurried to bomb not waiting of independent inspectors to arrive.

The role of the media should be to hold Government to account. The British mainstream media should be showing this video, reporting Fisk, using the US footage and asking where is the proof that Mrs May claimed to have before bombing another country. It is not. RT is. And surely that is exactly why it is so terrifying that Mrs may wants to shut it down and why she must not be allowed to do so.

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