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Shania Twain - your cowardice in the face of the liberal mob don't impress me much

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 23 April 2018

I've always hard a soft spot for Shania Twain - great looks, great songs and then this morning she said that had she been an American, not from the Socialist hell hole that is Canada, she would have voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Shania, thought I, you really are the one. Someone in the liberal world of entertainment who dares to praise a conservative, let alone Trump faces career ruination and so Shania risked a lot.

Predictably the liberals took to social media and pretty soon it became clear that poor Shania was being viewed as a homo hating, immigrant bashing piece of white trash and thus within eight hours she was forced to apologise to anyone she had offended while stressing that she loved everyone on this planet and rejected the politics of hate, yadda, yada, yadda.

Natch the BBC, CNN and the rest of the liberal media creamed themselves. They get to engage in another bout of Trump bashing and report on a cowardly conservative at the same time. Tim Allen got fired by ABC for being a Trump supporter, Shania was forced to grovel, in such a Mcarthyite atmosphere in the performing arts it is genuinely shocking when anyone even remotely right of centre dares to admit to it.

Just when was it that the liberal left decided that freedom of opinion and of speech was such a terribly bad idea?

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