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Anna Liberadzki of Lefty spammers SumofUs lies about Donald Trump to get my cash

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 21 June 2018

In another GDPR non compliant mailing from snowflake liberal spammers SumofUs a bird called Anna Liberadzki asks me for £2 to ensure Donald Trump is met with massive protests when he lands in the UK.  Anna, as is the way with SumofUs, just cannot help but tell lies.

She writes: 


On 13 July, Donald Trump will touch down in the UK. As Theresa May welcomes Trump and his hateful brand of politics with open arms -- we’re going to greet him with a huge carnival of resistance, from the moment he steps off the plane.

We’re ready to go all out. We need tens - even hundreds - of thousands of people there. We need coaches from across the country, we need banners, placards, eye-catching costumes, big sound systems, and huge billboards with messages for Trump from activists around the world.

But these things cost money, Tom. We need your support today to show Trump a massive people-powered display of resistance that he can’t ignore. We don’t have much time -- will you chip in today to stop Trump?

Donating just takes a moment – use Paypal or your card. Chip in £2 for a huge carnival of resistance to stop Trump!

Right now, Donald Trump’s administration is cruelly and systematically separating thousands of children from their families, and even babies are being caged and detained at the US border.

If we let his UK visit go ahead unchallenged, it will send a message that the UK endorses this politics of hate. We’ve already felt the impact of Trumpism in the UK: a rise in hate crime, a growing hostile environment for migrants, and he’s even endorsed fascist group Britain First.

No thanks! While Theresa May wines and dines him, it’s up to us to show that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are saying no to Trump and all he represents!

Etc etc, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of course Mrs May is not welcoming Trump with open arms. The UK’s most useless Tory Prime Minister in history is always lecturing The Donald which is one reason why he declined to sit down with her at the G7.

So Trumpism is to blame for a rise in hate crime and a growing hostile environment for migrants? Really? Just a year ago the same folks at SumofUs were telling us that it was Brexit that was  entirely responsible for this. Whatever. I guess an apology will be on its way to Gisela Stuart, Pritti Patel and Farage. Or maybe not. 

As for Trump endorsing fascist group Briatn First. Well that is just a lie. He retweeted a tweet from the leader of the fascist group without knowing who she was. That is rather different from endorsing the loathsome party. Unlike his predecessor Trump declines to suggest in any way how folks in the UK should vote. So that statement is a lie. He has never, for the avoidance of doubt, endorsed Britain First. That is just a slam dunk lie from Anna.

And as it happens the statement that Trump’s administration was “cruelly and systematically separating thousands of children from their families, and even babies are being caged and detained at the US border” was not really true either. No babies were being caged despite the efforts of some to spread fake photos. Kids of illegal immigrants were taken from their parents as the latter had been arrested for a crime and it was thought wrong to throw the kids in jail with them.

These are illegal immigrants – what would SumofUs ask Trump to do, just let them all in? I suspect it would but it is not honest enough to say that. Anyhow Trump has now stopped this policy with an executive order. So Right now Anna should be sending out a correction on that matter too.

So the spam is based on lies. That is usually the case with SumofUs but donate away snowflakes there are some well heeled millennials who need your money to pay their salaries so they can tell more lies. 

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