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Mining Man Meets Playboy PR Girl - Learning with Linkedin

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 13 July 2012

The harmless sweet looking little old lady I chose to sit next on the overnight ferry to Athens turned out to be the Greek national loud snoring and snorting while asleep champion. My night was thus fitful and so I sit in Athens with not enough energy to do anything but too much energy to sleep.The obvious answer is to scroll through the updates of my various LinkedIn connections: you never really learn much but you can pretend to be working (virtuous) and it should send you to sleep.

Learning that my pal Will Tyndall had joined the group “Cement, concrete & construction” was fairly gripping – I bet they have some pretty fascinating discussion threads going there – truly a cyber place you’d want to hang out. Ghotham Badri urges us all to read “5 reasons you should manager your personal brand.” I suppose I should read it but you know it is not quite “Pride & Prejudice” and I am not sure I am that desperate for stimulation yet. And of course lots of folk have connected with lots of other folk.

That is the whole point of Linkedin. One entry this morning grabs me & has me thinking hard. Damian Conboy, an acquaintance of mine from the mining world (AIM listed Alecto Minerals ALO etc) has linked up with a very good looking young lady called Lucy Sharp whose job is manager media relations at the Playboy Club in London. If you are forced to work for a living I suppose there are worse jobs out there. This is not your normal sort of Linkedin link up for mining executives and makes me wonder about a few matters.

Is there a Mrs Conboy and if so does she use Linkedin? If so then I would image Damian might find himself in the spare bedroom tonight. How did Damian get to meet Ms Sharp and why did my time as a PLC director always involve meeting accounts and lawyers and not birds like Ms Sharp? There is no justice. And does Ms Sharp feel the need to widen her circle of media contacts in any way? On that note it is perhaps time to start writing my book.

Postscript: Can one have too many gorgeous PR birds involved in your life? I guess not. One such creature, wafted in from paradise (not Luton airport) has just been in contact to explain on behalf of Damian that Mr Conboy met the alluring Miss Sharp at a "networking event." Well that has spurred me on. I think I shall plan an autumn of networking events myself, they clearly are a lot more interesting these days than they used to be.

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