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Defining paternal devotion: Mamma Mia Here we Go again (again)

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 10 August 2018

I wrote last week about how the Mamma Mia sequel was right up there with The Lobster as the worst movie I have seen and sat through. I am, this week, blessed with the presence of my daughter who expressed a burning desire to see, yes, you guessed right, Mamma Mia Here we go again. And thus…being a good father….

I demanded a big bucket of popcorn as a bribe but agreed to take her along. She opined that it was “quite good”. The other sixty or so folks in the audience were almost all women and almost all a bit older than I am. They cackled and seemed to have fun.

Maybe that was contagious. Oddly I came away thinking that it was not quite as appalling second time around. Perhaps I had lowered my expectations so much that episodes like the Cher cameo which is pretty good in a camp sort of way, surprised me.

Perhaps it is that the B side songs now seem a bit more familiar. I cannot explain. The plot is still utterly paper thin, certain scenes are infuriatingly bad and overall it is useless but I know I could not have watched The Lobster twice.

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