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Islingtonite daughter Olaf, Peter Tatchell, liberty and free speech

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 25 October 2018

Islington dwelling daughter Olaf seems to be in charge of securing public speakers for a posh girls school debating forum. She asked if I knew any funny and controversial speakers. I offered up friends such as James Delingpole of Breitbart and Dominic Frisby but was told that they were Alt-Right, fascists or just not acceptable. I am sure you get the picture. In this world anyone to the right of the Guardian is Alt-Right and should not be offered a platform

As it happens I have swapped a few emails with the great LGBTI and civil liberties campaigner Peter Tatchell so suggested his name. Natch he was deemed ideal so I set to work begging Tatch, offering a donation to his foundation, nudging the school to reply and in the end we have a date in the diary when the great man, who is indeed a national treasure, will explain what free speech and freedom really means to Olaf and her peers.

Having worked damn hard on this for Olaf, I asked if I could come along and Olaf said yes but….

I can attend as long as I promise not to say anything to anyone and to abide by a dress code she has set. That is to say I could wear a dress. Or a Burka. But not a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap  and not my Hillary for Prison 2016 T-shirt

You know what, I reckon young Ms Winnifrith needs to pay careful attention to what Mr Tatchell has to say on the issue of freedom and I would not want to distract her.

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