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The arrogance of Apple boss Tim Cook – God will not be amused, surely eternity with Hillary Clinton beckons

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 26 October 2018

Apple boss Tim Cook has won massive applause from legions of Godless liberals. The sort of folks already working out how they will celebrate happy holidays around December 25th in a way that offends no-one of religion bar Christians, love the billionaire for suggesting that the Almighty does actually exist. How is this possible? Simple Cook has proclaimed in his latest sermon on the mount that the Greatest Gift God gave him was making him gay. Where to start?

The greatest gift God gave us all was, of course his only son, to be sacrificed on the cross. But that perhaps involves reading that dusty old book that the Godless liberals want to see banned from our schools lest it give kids strange old world ideas.

So if we ignore that gift, surely the greatest gift that God gives us all is life itself. How we use that gift is up to us. Mr Cook opts to use his life in a way that contradicts Leviticus 18 but that is his call and I am not sure that many folks really take that part of the Old Testament seriously. I do not. 98% of us  plough a different furrow to Cook, but surely the point is that God loves us enough to give us that choice?

To presume that God wants Cook to be gay and 98% of us to be straight seems remarkably arrogant. How on earth does Cook know what God is thinking? Almost all of those applauding such presumption don’t believe in God in the first place.

I would imagine that if Mr Cook ever does meet St Peter on that great day of judgment, no matter how many new IPhones he offers him, his insistence that Cook already knows what is the design of God, may not guarantee him automatic entry to the “better option” and instead he may well find himself with all the other Godless liberals in the other place. Eternity with the Clinton crime family. Now that is punishment indeed.

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