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80 British ISIS brides in Syria want to "come home" - feck off you are not wanted

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 October 2018

It seems that there are around 80 British women who went to Syria, married ISIS fighters - most of whom are now thankfully dead - but with the collapse of the Islamofascist state now want to come back to Britain. No doubt wretched Theresa May will allow them back, give them social housing and a full range of benefits but why on earth should we?  One of these ghastly women has poured out her heart to ITV  news as you can see below. It is pathetic, implausible and nauseating.

Apparently she was at a low point in her life and somehow found herself in Syria. You know, she was heading off for a weekend in Margate, took a wrong turn and wholly by accident ended up crossing the Turkish border in the dead of night and found herself in Raqqa. It was all some sort of ghastly misunderstanding. Whatever.

When things were going swimmingly for ISIS with daily executions to watch, lessons for the kids in how to behead infidels and all that sort of thing, the women seemed happy. But now that, thanks largely to the heroic Kurds and Presidents Assad and Putin, ISIS has been almost obliterated they want to come back to the UK. A caring Government would say "tough, you made your bed now lie in it... you signed up to be part of an organisation committed to destroying the Western way of life now sod off."

Are we to believe that all of these women have truly renounced the evil of ISIS and repented of their sins? Why on earth should they be allowed to come back to leach off the British taxpayer? Let them rot in a now liberated Raqqa and perhaps that will send a clear signal to any other wannabee jihadist brides, that when planning a trip to sign up with head-removing fanatics you only need to purchase a one way ticket.

ITV brings us this ghastly woman below thus:

The one-time women of so-called Islamic State who travelled to Syria from Britain to join the terror organisation have spoken to ITV News, issuing pleas to the UK Government to allow them and their children to return home

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