Exactly – why would anyone live in a town?

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 20 January 2019


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Okay, the post below from a reader of Zero Hedge is tongue in cheek but I share the sentiments completely

I can't understand what the attraction is to living in an tiny over-priced box, being taxed to the gills, dealing with noise 24 hours a day, insufferable traffic, and people *** deep everywhere you go?

Where do you grow your food?  Where does your livestock graze?  Where do you do your target shooting?  Where do you hunt?  Where can you setup your telescope to look at the panorama of stars?


My real bugbear is car use. We returned to our Edwardian street at about eight last night. It was not built in a time when everyone had a car.  So both sides of the road were fully parked up. I dropped the Mrs and Joshua off at our house, preparing to hunt for a space. And then a moron started driving up the road towards my stationary car.

There is no space to pass and so, after pointing out that he was a selfish wanker, I was forced to reverse all the way up the street to let him by. Then I had to hunt for a space. In the end 300 yards away I found one I could just squeeze into.  This mornbing the Mrs is off for a brunch over the Observer with one of her mad lefty pals. About ten minutes after she left I got a panicked call. "I can’t get the car out" she pleaded. Natch: getting cars out of small spaces is a man’s job and I managed it within a minute or two.

Is it toxic masculinity to report this episode?

Whatever... I should not be wasting my life doing this. Why does anyone live in a town?

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